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The Keto diet is perhaps the most popular and arguably the most effective method of losing weight. Their effectiveness is unquestionable with the diet focusing on the body’s natural mechanisms through which its metabolism changes. The Keto diet does not use any fancy extracts or magical properties to help people lose weight, but it does have a strict diet pattern that needs to be followed to see any changes.

How Do Keto or Ketogenic Diets Work?

Our body produces energy through carbohydrates or fat. This energy is paramount in order for the body to function properly. It is important to note that fat releases around twice as much energy per gram as carbohydrates. The main carbohydrate in our body is glucose.

The human body stores fat and glucose, using them when required. Fat can be described as the secondary resource of energy as it is usually stored, most commonly in the abdomen and hips, and can be used when the body needs more energy than the amount that is readily available.

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The glucose in our diet is the primary resource of energy and this is what our body uses to create energy for everyday requirements. This can be explained by how people lose weight by exercising. During the workout, the body burns calories because it is using up more carbohydrates. The extra energy comes from fat being used to create energy.

Since Keto excludes glucose and carbohydrates from one’s diet, the body must rely on using fat as an energy source. Wherever your body has stored fat, a keto diet will focus on breaking it down and converting it into energy for the body to use.

It is important to note that keto diets must be strictly followed. If the routine is broken, results will not be as effective. The metabolism needs to remain undisturbed – that means there hardly be any cheat days for your favorite meals. However, the keto diet is difficult to follow. If you cannot stay consistent following a keto diet, you can eat a balanced diet. For further knowledge, read our blog on healthy snacks for weight loss for men & women. 

Following a Balanced Keto Diet

The Keto diet is popular because of:

  • How effective it is
  • Significantly helps people burn fat
  • Achieve the desired results

The downside of the Keto diets are:

  • Very strict food choices
  • The food you consume needs to be carefully monitored
  • If you have a cheat day – results will take longer to become prominent
  • Your metabolism may be interrupted (consuming foods outside of the diet will take your body out of the ketogenic state)


People often struggle with finding the right keto diet plan with proper instructions. Some get confused about what foods should be eaten and the kind that one needs to avoid. It’s always important to do proper research prior to committing and buying the latest hype or unhealthy trend!

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