How To Use Shower Steamers in 2022

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Bathing is great not only for clearing our skin, but it can also help us unwind and relax. That’s where something like shower steamers come into play.

It’s always a good idea to try and enhance your bathing experience, so why not make it more enjoyable?

In this article, we’ll teach the best way how to use shower steamers!

What Is a Shower Steamer?

Before we learn how to use a shower steamer bomb, it’s important to note what this really is. The shower steamer is similar to the bath bomb, but it’s made specifically for the shower. Simply put, it’s the type of tablet that will fizz when steam or water touches them. It’s a great option if you want to have a wonderful scent while taking a shower.

Aside from just bringing in some great scents, using shower steamers is designed to help soothe you and also make the recovery process easier. In fact, a lot of people are using shower steamer options because they help them relax and unwind, or boost energy levels.

How Do You Use a Shower Steamer?

Adding a shower steamer to your routine is a great idea and it can help enhance the experience in a very creative way. With that in mind, the process of using a shower steamer is not that complicated. You can see how it works here.

  • At first, you need to start the hot shower and then let it build up steam. It’s also ok to start with very hot water and then you can adjust the temperature as you go along. But yes, the idea is to generate steam, that’s when you are using your shower steamer.
  • Now you want to place a shower steamer on the shower floor. You want the shower stream to hit it directly, if not then you will have to move it a little bit. So if you are wondering where to put shower steamers, this is the ideal place.
  • Let the shower stream touch the shower steamer, eventually, it will activate the fizz, and then those essential oils trapped in it get released. That’s all you have to do, the entire process works great and it will help you relax in a much better and more consistent manner. In the end, you can have amazing results and the value can be second to none.

When Should You Use Shower Steamers?

Now that you know how to use a shower steamer, it’s a good idea to find the appropriate time for using such an item. For example, it’s a great way to help you wake up in the morning. It can give you that energy boost you are looking for, so you have to consider giving it a try.

It’s also just as good if you had a busy day and just want to relax. Using shower steamers is a great way to remove tension and stress from your body. Plus, it’s efficient even during those times when you feel under the weather.

However, the shower steamer is also great if you want to use it before going to sleep. It might actually bring in a great way to unwind and relax, while also keeping you happy in the end. Stuff like that can indeed make a huge difference.

Tips to Help You Enhance How You Use Shower Steamers

– A very good idea is to experiment with different places when you use a shower steamer. When you ask where to put shower steamers, the main focus is on the floor. But if the smell is too powerful for you, the floor might not be ideal. You can hang it on the faucet or showerhead instead.

– The shower steamer also works if you want a cold shower. Hot showers are obviously going to generate this reaction a lot faster, but a cold shower can still be ok if you need to use a shower steamer. So yes, you can attempt to use it with a cold shower, but it might take a bit of experimentation.

– A shower steamer is not exactly a one-time-use item. Instead, you can reactivate it if you didn’t use it entirely during your last shower.

  • If you want to keep the shower steamer for a longer time period, you may want to push it away from a direct water flow.


Learning how to use shower steamers is a great idea, and thankfully this is a simple, yet efficient product with great features. We highly recommend giving it a try, especially since there are so many options with outstanding essential oils.

All you have to do is to pick the aroma you want and then place the shower steamer properly. Once that’s done, all you have to do is to enjoy the shower and reap the benefits of your shower steamer!

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