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Those who have clear skin are lucky, but those without it have to follow tiring routines in order achieve the ultimate goal. Instead of trying literally every skincare routine out there (there’s just too many!), here is a list with 12 healthy habits that can help you get closer than ever before!

1. Make Sure to Wash Your Face (at least twice!):


Washing your face twice a day is an essential step in maintaining healthy, radiant skin. Not only does it reduce the chance of pimples and spots from forming on you – but also washes away all that dirt mixed with sweat throughout each busy schedule!

The best time for washing?

Before bed so we can get rid any makeup left behind while sleeping; if not then after waking up first thing will work too since our body typically produces more sebum (oil) when its been laying around undisturbed than at another point during daylight hours.. This is a great start to developing healthy clear skin habits.

2. Consume Less Sugar:

The link between sugar and acne is an old one. But it turns out that sugary foods can actually be the cause of breakouts with added or processed sugars being even more harmful than we thought before! Staying away from these types broadcasts like sodas, fizzy drinks (especially those filled with carbon dioxide), salty snacks as well alcohol intake will drastically clear your skin within days – if not hours sometimes!.

3. Relax and De-stress:

When we are stressed, our body produces hormones which can impact the way that acne appears. Acne often occurs due to excessive stress or upsetness in one’s life but it is also contagious! To help relieve your worries and restore balance with time for relaxation such as meditation, yoga or even running; these activities will reduce levels of tension on both physical AND emotional planes.

4. Do Not Pop Any Pimples:

One of the worst things you can do for your skin is popping a pimple. This practice has been linked with increases in acne scarring and clogged pores, which will only lead to more problems down the road like infection! So don’t be that person – stay consistent with your new clear skin habits and stay away from these bad habits.

5. Use Sunscreen:

The sun is a powerful source of UV rays that can harm your skin and cause more acne. It’s important to protect yourself with sunscreen, so use it every day!

6. Moisturize and Hydrate:

Moisturizing provides your skin a clear, dewy and glowing look which can be hard to achieve without it! Not only does this help keep you hydrated, but also prevents dryness from causing more issues such as your pores producing more oil leading towards breakouts or clogged hairs cysts .

In addition many beauty products nowadays have benzoyl peroxide in them so if one product doesn’t work then try another until successful!

7. Exfoliate Once or Twice a Week:

acne cream in mirror

Exfoliating the skin can help remove dirt, dead cells and other impurities that are on your face. This process should not be done too often as it may dry out your beauty!

8. Check Your Hair Products:

The best way to protect your skin from harsh chemicals is by reading all ingredients before using a new product. Hair products can contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which may be damaging if it comes in contact with other surfaces such as arms or legs while also being irritating on its own! Be sure you’re avoiding these harmful substances when trying to achieve clearer skin.

9. Treat Your Scars with Vitamin E:

This powerful antioxidant not only helps improve texture and complexion; studies show people who use this ingredient for their scars also notice reduced signs or healing time when compared to those without any formative action taken against them–so take care before cutting yourself off from all hope just because one bad decision left behind an embarrassing blemish on what once was beautiful artwork (pun intended).

10. Check Expiration Dates On Your Products:

Every skincare product has an expiration date, but it’s often overlooked. This could be a new habit you incorporate during your clear skin skin journey. Expiring beauty products can be detrimental to acne and cause problems such as breakouts or rashes which is the last thing anyone would want!

11. Eat Healthy:

Your diet can have a huge impact on the health and appearance of your skin. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains – all are important for radiant-looking locks!
The right nutrients will help you achieve healthy glowing looks that last throughout summer months into fall then winter too with just one little change in lifestyle: eat more vitamin A rich foods like tomatoes or carrots along side some omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil supplements…and don’t forget about those extra benefits.

12. Consume Probiotics to Improve Gut Health:

Gut issues are a common cause of acne. If you have gut-related stress or suffer from any other condition that affects your skin, probiotics may help promote healthy digestion and improve the quality on your complexion as well!

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