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Lewis is committed to sharing his passion for overall wellness including niche topics that aren’t usually covered elsewhere. He takes a different approach to his blog by combining previous experiences and up-to-date research to craft a wide variety of topics. This includes health, nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness content.

His mother is a seasoned Licensed Clinical Social Worker who pushes him during times of distress by reminding him to put his coping skills to work. Some of those include hitting the gym, dropping in on CrossFit classes, journaling, meditating, acupuncture, and the list goes on.

His aunt is also a Registered Nurse who’s well-rounded in many different healthcare specialties. They previously worked together for over 4 years in the mental health space. She shares her wealth of knowledge with him hoping to help others lead a healthy lifestyle.

With extensive research and a variety of topics, Lewis has now been able to link readers with what they want; valuable information on LewiLink.com


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