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Nail designs come in all shapes and colors, including some of the most detailed and intricately designed nail art. However, some people prefer simple nail designs which offer a class, modern and elegant look. If you’ve been looking up how to do simple nail art designs for beginners step by step or other searches along the same lines, then this guide will be perfect for you.

1) Solar Eclipse Nails

The subtle design of solar eclipse nails is the celebration of the eclipse and mimics how the moon covers the sun when an eclipse happens. The colors overlap each other gradually from one nail to the other, just like how the moon covers the Sun during an eclipse.

2) Half and Half

A simple yet artistic design that goes with a number of color combinations. It is one of the easiest nail arts to recreate. All you need is to use some tape to cover half of your nail which acts as a stencil to paint against. Pull the tape off after the polish has dried. Paint the other half before applying the topcoat and you’re done!

3) Sunset Shades

A perfect way to showcase your love of the golden hour, the color palette does all the speaking for this nail art. A different color adorns each nail, ranging from burnt caramel to periwinkle. The gradual shift in color evokes a beautiful, calm sunset and offers a minimalistic look.

4) Glitter Stripes

Add some panache and flair to a simplistic design by introducing some glitter. Apply a base coat before using some tape to draw a clean stripe down the middle of the nails. Make sure to prep properly, and also avoid painting over ingrown toenails

5) Starry Details

A simple way to add some style to plain, nude-colored nails, this nail art can be achieved by simply placing some starry decals on one or two fingers of each hand.

6) Paint Splatters

This simple nail design can be applied onto a colored base or a clear coat depending on which look you prefer. Uniformity is not required so feel free to choose the design you like most. A few different colored splatters on each hand can easily complete the look.

7) White Accent Dot

One of the easiest nail arts to do by yourself, all you need to do is apply a base coat of your favorite color. Dark shades such as navy blue or jet-black work better but lighter tones can also be used. Once the base coat has been set, use a detail brush to add a small white dot and you’re set!

8) Overlapping Circles

Following the minimalist theme, this nail art works best with just a clear coat on the nails. Add two overlapping circles of contrasting colors to each nail on the top, bottom, or either side of the nail on each finger.

Nail designs are often down to personal preference which is why you should feel free to get creative and try new things with the mentioned designs or try something new that you think will look good on your hands. Furthermore, if you are a newbie & you are keen to know how to do simple nail art designs for beginners step by step, this guide is a must to read. 

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