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With the global pandemic taking the world by storm, gyms were shut down globally to reduce the spread of the virus. This caused a boom in digital fitness as people switched to working out inside their homes. To accommodate this change, workout technology grew exponentially.

There are many workout accessories available on the market meant for different purposes, varying from tracking performance to boosting the body’s recovery process after than intense workout. New innovations have emerged. These are some of the best fitness gadgets that can elevate your workout to the next level.

1) Wave Roller from Therabody

This vibrating foam roller offers therapeutic vibrations at five different intensities which can help with muscle recovery after an intense workout. The device is Bluetooth-enabled which allows it to be paired to a phone and be controlled through its app. Personalized recovery routines can be created which release tension and can also increase mobility.

2) BOARD30 MINI from BOARD30

The Board30 Mini is essentially an all-in-one gym that can fit in a two-by-two-foot square. With built-in resistance tubes, bands, handles, and ankle straps, it is compact and can be used for strength training. Board30 also offers an on-demand fitness library and buyers get two weeks of classes for free. The compact piece of equipment offers a comprehensive workout within the confines of your home or office.

3) WHOOP Strap 3.0 from WHOOP

The WHOOP 3.0 is a sleek, minimal fitness tracker that looks just as good as it functions. It has a battery that can last five days, a sweat-absorbing band, and Strain Coach functionality. Strain Coach functionality tells the wearer they should increase the intensity of their workout or cool it down in real-time. The device tracks workouts, sleep, recovery, and more with the information being accessible through the app on your phone.

4) Deep Tissue Bundle from SPRYNG

The SPRYNG Deep Tissue Bundle boosts muscle recovery after workouts by strapping around the calves. The portable compression wraps come with a new textured inner layer that puts pressure on the muscles which boost circulation and reduces stiffness, allowing for faster recovery and ensuring that you’re ready for your next workout in time.

5) Studio from FORME Life

This full-length smart mirror is an amazing grab for anyone who likes to work out at home. It can broadcast workouts of all types including strength, cardio, yoga, and boxing from real trainers. The mirror has a touch and voice-controlled display in addition to artificial intelligence that can provide personalized training sessions based on the user’s current fitness level.

FORME Life also offers the Studio Lift which has built-in resistance equipment. Perhaps the best part about the Studio is that it doubles as a mirror when it’s not being used for a workout.

With home-based workouts getting more popular, these are some of the best fitness gadgets in 2022 that you can use to elevate the quality of your workouts and exercise in a more effective, efficient manner.

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